On-site Seated Massage
Seated Massage (also called Corporate Massage or Chair Massage) is a fast-growing, convenient way to bring massage to your workplace, convention, party, or any other gathering you may have.  Many of you have already seen this massage being performed at airports, beaches, health fairs, malls, etc.  The portability of the chair makes the list of possible locations almost endless.  All that's needed is a small area to set up.

Massages are typically 10-20 minutes, but can be longer.  No oils are used.  The person being massaged remains fully-clothed and perfectly comfortable in the ergonomically designed chair.  The therapist can easily massage the back, neck, shoulders, arms, and hands, giving the lucky recipient a refreshing break to their day, no matter where they are.

Many companies have already added Seated Massage as a part of a Wellness Program.  According to the American Institute of Stress, the increase in repetitive strain injuries (such as carpal tunnel syndrome) has become the nation’s leading workplace healthcare cost.  The beneficial effects of massage on repetitive strain injuries are well documented, but studies have also shown that regular Seated Massage in the workplace not only increases productivity, but decreases stress, anxiety, and fatigue.   This can result in decreased absenteeism, lower job turnover, and better morale in the workplace.

I have done dozens of events over the years and have found that Seated Massage is almost always the highlight of the event, not to mention everyone’s day.

All the supplies will be provided by me.  This includes the chair, music, face cradles, and any aromatherapy items you may desire (scented candles, incense, etc.)  All that’s needed from you is a place to set up and a line of eager participants. 

I do Seated Massage outcall services to most of Maryland, DC & Northern Virginia.  Some jobs will require more than one therapist to get to everyone - this is not a problem and I can always bring additional therapists if necessary.  

The rates are $80/hour per therapist, with a 2-hour minimum.  For a quote or more information, please contact me.

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